The X-Mas Files

The X-Mas Files is a one minute horror/comedy short film about a deranged man trying to capture Santa, only to find out Santa doesn't look like he imagined. I directed and edited this film. It was selected for the 2019 Sunday Shorts Christmas Film Festival and was screened in Lisbon, Portugal.

Interview with Matt Pike

Renowned doom metal gods SLEEP played three nights at the world famous Thalia Hall to usher in 2020. During their stay, I got the honor of shooting an interview between Grammy award-winning guitarist Matt Pike (Sleep, High on Fire) and local effects pedal wizard Johnny Wator (Daredevil Pedals).

Modular Synth Demo with Sanford Parker

Sanford Parker has produced and mixed some of heavy metal's most respected acts. Continuing my work with Daredevil Pedals, I shot a demonstration of their new Bootleg Dirty Delay pedal performed by Parker on the modular synth.

The Evictions - Live @ Reggie's

I have been shooting live music for as long as I've owned a camera. I've spent many late nights in crowded venue's capturing everything from musical theatre to the most brutal death metal. Working with The Evictions is always a blast. Their stage presence and their tunes are always as exhilarating as they are difficult to cram into a single video camera. I do my best and they never disappoint.

Blood Moon - Dashdown

Dashdown is the indie rock/Americana project of Chicago musician David Ashdown. I directed and edited this music video, which was shot in the winter of 2019.