About ZanE Rerek

I suppose there are a lot of ways I could describe myself; Filmmaker, photographer, improv comedian, musician, editor, writer, cartoon doodler. If you keep applying labels long enough, they start to feel meaningless. So I choose to simply call myself a person who likes to make things. I've never been interested in devoting myself to a single medium. My only pursuit is creative self expression in all that I do.

I'm an Appalachian expat, originally hailing from a small town in West Virginia, just beneath the Mason-Dixon line. I spent my childhood walking the trails, swimming in the creeks, hiking the mountains, and loving the wild woods. After finishing high school, I attended the Shenandoah Conservatory, where I graduated cum laude with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. While at Shenandoah, I spent my summers in Garrett County, Maryland, with the TOTL Theatre Company as an actor, technician, photographer, and whatever else they needed me to be. During my senior year, I learned that I much preferred life behind the camera as opposed to in front of it.

After earning my degree, I relocated to my current home in Chicago, IL, to study improvisational comedy at the iO Theater, graduating in 2016. Since moving to Chicago, I've been involved in both the local theater and music communities working as a videographer and editor, as well as performing improv. I've done everything from filming NCAA sporting events for ESPN to shooting interviews with Grammy-winning guitar players.

I started this website to share my art and experiences with the world. I hope my work will help inspire you to go out and make, no matter what it is. Create for no other reason than the thing you will make did not exist before.